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Calcium Lactate in Meat Products


It is not difficult to see an assortment of meat products on the table when people go out to eat today. With the rising improvement of the quality of life, the demand for food isn’t just to get enough to eat, additionally pleasing and safe. Particularly in summer, the warm weather will speed up the waste and decay of meat products. Therefore, on the basis of benefiting human health, food manufacturers have committed themselves to concentrating on the protection impact of various food additives. Many experiments and verifications have shown that calcium lactate has been found and widely used in food, such as dairy products, functional beverages and meat products.

Calcium lactate is broadly used in meat products with remarkable effects.

When processing cooked sausages, the use of calcium lactate can improve the texture of sausages. After emulsification, the texture of meat products is inevitably damaged, and the key to affecting the beauty of the texture lies in the protein. By adding the right proportion of calcium lactate, the interaction of actin and myosin is activated, so that the texture of the sausages is firm, beautiful and delicious. Adding calcium lactate to liver paste also has great advantages. Calcium intake in the human body can prevent and reduce some diseases. In the present society, calcium fortification is always a trend. The calcium content in calcium lactate is sufficient, combined with the qualities of water retention, and the appropriate amount of addition ensures the requirements of calcium in liver paste, and can also effectively extend the shelf-life of food.

In addition, calcium lactate is additionally generally utilized in fish and seafood products. Take fish cake as an example, the most concerning issue right now is high sodium. Salt is used to protect the texture of fish, but high salt is a major hidden risk to the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the sodium content on the premise of ensuring the integrity of the fish texture. Studies have found that calcium lactate can meet both needs. Salmon is a nutritious fish that is loved by people. Salmon meat is soft and susceptible to contamination during transportation or processing, accelerating spoilage. Low temperature can also cause some protein loss. The calcium content in calcium lactate can maintain and strengthen protein, improve the texture of fish, control water activity, and reduce water loss.

The storage and safety of food is still the most concerned topic in contemporary society. As a natural food additive, lactates have been used and loved by food manufacturers at home and abroad.

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