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  •  Magnesium lactate dihydrate

Magnesium lactate dihydrate

Assay(on dry basis): 97.5-101.5%
pH(3% v/v solution): 5.0-9.0
Loss on drying(120℃, 4h): max.15.0%
Heavy metals (as Pb): max.10ppm
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Magnesium lactate dihydrate

Magnesium Lactate 2-Hydrate Powder, is a white powder or crystal powder and odorless. Easily Soluble in hot water.

-Chemical name: Magnesium lactate

-Standard: Food grade FCC

-Appearance: Powder

-Color: White

-Odor: odorless

-Solubility: easily soluble in hot water

-Molecular formula: Mg[CH3CH(OH)COO]2·2H2O

-Molecular weight: 238.44 g/mol

Technical data

Test content Index Test results Test content Index Test results
Magnesium lactate(as anhydrous), % 97.5-101.5 99.2 Arsenic(as As), ppm Max.3 <3
pH(3% v/v solution) 6.5-8.5 6.8 Lead, ppm Max.2 <2
Loss on drying(120℃, 4h),% 14.0-17.0 15.6 Chlorides, ppm Max.100 <100
Heavy metals(as Pb), ppm Max.10 <10 Mesophilic bacteria, cfu/g Max.1000 <10


Application area:Food & Beverage, Dairy, flour, Pharmaceutical, Health products.

Typical applications:Used as oral magnesium supplements or dietary supplement to treat Magnesium deficiency. Taken as a supplement, it is used to supply an adequate amounts of the essential element, magnesium.
Present in some medicines as antacids.
Added to some food and beverages as an acidity regulator.

Packing & Delivery

Individual Pallet 20' container Product
Net Weight
25kg/bag 32 bags/wood pallet 640 bags, 20 wood pallets/20' container 16,000 kg
25kg/fibre drum 18 fibre drums
/wood pallet
360 fibre drums,
20 wood pallets/20' container
9,000 kg
25kg/carton box bottom layer: 32 carton
boxes/wood pallet;
upper stacking layer:
32 carton box/wood pallet
Total 640 carton boxes,
20 wood pallets/20' container
(bottom layer: 320 carton
boxes, 10 wood pallets;
upper stacking layer: 320 carton
boxes, 10 wood pallets)
16,000 kg
  • 25 kg bag pack

    Inside lined with food grade PE bag

  • 25 kg fibre drum

    inside with food grade PE bag 

  • 25 kg carton box

    5 layers corrugated cardboard box with inside food grade PE bag

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