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  • Potassium Lactate
  • Potassium Lactate

Potassium Lactate

Potassium lactate content: 60%,Min
Potassium content: 18.0–18.6%
Free lactic acid content: 0.18% , Max
Stereochemical purity: 97% , Min
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Potassium Lactate

Potassium lactate is the potassium salt of natural L-Lactic acid, It is a hydroscopic, clear, odorless liquid and is prepared by the neutralization of lactic acid with potassium hydroxide. It has a neutral pH.

-Chemical name: Potassium lactate

-Standard: FCC

-Appearance: Liquid

-Color: Clear

-Odor: odorless

-Solubility: Soluble in water

-Molecular formula: C3H5KO3

-Molecular weight: 128.17 g/mol

Technical data

Test content Index Test results Test content Index Test results
Potassium lactate, % Min.60.0 60.8

Heavy metals as Pb, ppm

Max.10 <10
Potassium content, % 18.0-18.6 18.5 Lead, ppm Max.2 <2
Stereochemical purity, % Min.97.0 98.2 Arsenic, ppm Max.1 <1
Color(fresh solution), Hazen Max.50 <30 Mercury, ppm Max.1 <1
pH(20% v/v solution) 6.0-8.0 6.3 Sodium, % Max.0.1 <0.1
Chlorides, ppm Max.50 <50 Cyanide Passes test Passes test
Sulfate, ppm Max.20 <20 Reducing sugars Passes test Passes test
Iron, ppm Max.10 <10 Citrate, oxalate, phosphate Passes test Passes test


Application area:Food, Meat, Cosmetics, Other industries.

Typical applications:Potassium Lactate is good anti-microbial property and can catch large amount of free water in food to lower the water activity. It suppresses the growth of microorganism, extend the shelf life and keep and enhance the flavor. Used as a water retention agent in Food and Cosmetics industries.
Potassium lactate is commonly used in meat and poultry products to extend shelf life and increase food safety as it has a broad antimicrobial action and is effective at inhibiting most spoilage and pathogenic bacteria. It enhances the color, juiciness, flavor and tenderness of pork. It also slows the process of flavor deterioration.
Potassium lactate is added to foods as a flavor agent and enhancer. It is also a humectant, meaning that it helps foods retain water and keeps them moist longer. Potassium lactate also helps maintain the acid levels in food. It make your food look and taste better and protect you from foodborne illness.

Packing & Delivery

Individual 20' container Product Net Weight
25 kg PE dum 880 drums/20' container 22,000 kgs
250 kg PE drum 80 drums/20' container 20,000 kgs
1200 IBC tank 18 drums/20' container 21,600 kgs
  • 25 kg PE drum

  • 250 kg PE drum

  • 1200 IBC tank

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