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HonghuiBio Lactic Acid Powder Application

Honghui Bio—Lactic acid powder is a mixture of lactic acid and calcium lactate produced by natural glucose fermentation. The product is white granule or powder with natural soft lactic acid flavor and slightly hygroscopicity in the air. The product is easily soluble in water, 10% aqueous solution, 55% lactic acid powder: PH value of 3.2 -3.4, 60% lactic acid powder: PH value of 3.2-3.3.

1) Candy
Lactic acid powder is a lubricant and sour agent in the candy industry. The product can make the surface of candy show a trace of white with a mild and lasting acidity which can improve the natural flavor of candy and make the sweetness the more lasting. Not only taste smooth, but strengthen effect of calcium ions. Add 0.5-3%, there will 1000-1500 tons of demand each year in Europe and the United States.

Flour Products
Lactic acid powder can improve the stretch or toughness of flour products (noodles) and increase the nutrition of calcium in flour. In this way, lactic acid powder can strengthen the taste and enhance the inherent fragrance and prolong the shelf life of flour products (noodles); add about amount of 1.5 ± 1%. 

In the applications of sauce, chicken seasoning, cheese and cream, lactic acid powder can highlight the flavor of its own products and improve product stability and active ingredients with a mild sour. The application of lactic acid powder is more extensive for cheese and cream in EU, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, etc. In the condiment industry, there is prospecting for more growth in the future market, especially in Asia which can open up new market space. The demand will be regarded to be 150-200 tons of flavored food per year.

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