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Lactic Acid Powder Rises Abruptly Among the Lactates

Lactic acid powder, as anti-caking agent, acidity regulator, nutrition enhancer, stabilizer and humectant, can be used to replace calcium phosphate, while it can inhibit the mold growth and extend the shelf-life of goods.

Lactic acid powder is one of lactate series products, being featured and critical. Applied in foods, it can adjust the acidity and enhance calcium irons. After phosphates, lactate salts including lactic acid powder will be star products in the future. Based on the safety and health, foods will get better.

Even now, phosphates have a large share in the market. But it didn’t show that phosphates are 100% healthy and useful. Some disadvantages are available gradually. At the moment, natural additives are more popular. Modern life drives Honghui Biotechnology to research and develop lactates day and night, committed to keep improving and extend applications.

Lots of food suppliers and customers, they are familiar with lactic acid 80% and 88% compared to lactic acid powder. However, the powder form lactic acid is greatly convenient for dry powder, which is easily added and compounded. The supplement of calcium is incomparable with liquid lactic acid and phosphates. Lactic acid powder is mixed by 60% lactic acid and 40% calcium lactate, which has the lactate flavor and achieve calcium enhancing. People get more benefits. European and American people love to eat desserts and candies, so there will be remarkably needs of acidity regulator of lactic acid powder. Besides, as anti-caking agent and humectant, lactic acid powder also inhibits the mold growth and extend shelf-life of foods.

Instead of calcium phosphate, lactic acid powder will leap forward in the food additives industry and it is also a good choice for many food manufacturers.

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