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Soap Making with Sodium Lactate

In modern China and World in the 21st century, what the pursuit of people is not for hungry, meanwhile, people struggle for better life. The thought is deepened and reflected on each corner of life. Healthy products and service are customized, including daily necessities and luxury. People pursuit brilliance and Honghui Biotechnology chooses sodium lactate to make soap best.

Sodium lactate is known as humectant and preservative used in meat products. Therefore, lots of soap manufacturers use sodium lactate and achieve a success. In order to keep healthy, people will wash hands more and the skin will be hurt. The skin of hands is easy to dry and chap. It is not beautiful anymore and will accelerate its aging. Better soap with sodium lactate in it will reduce the harm and keep the moisture. Sodium lactate is stable with strong moisture absorption and is not easy to be affected by humidity and temperature. In addition, sodium lactate can prevent skin from pigmentation, which is a safe and effective whitening ingredient. The antibacterial effect of soap will be enhanced with sodium lactate.

Sodium lactate will play an important role during the soap making. When soap has been made and cooled, it is fragile. With the function of humectant of sodium lactate, the soap will be soft and flexible, which reduces the problems of fracture. 

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