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Sodium Lactate Powder 90 to Slovakia

In few weeks, customer intended to order and store products of food addictive and related products. Sodium lactate powder 90 is one of food addictive to be needed in large sacle of quantity as preservative all over the world. This kind of product of sodium lactate is best to be preservative to protect meat products and other diary products.

Many industries of meat or other products are looking for this lactate series, especially sodium lactate powder. Therefore, as professional and experienced manufacturer, our factory can be regarded to supply top-quality lactate salts like Na lactate powder with best service and competitive offer. This batch of Na lactate 90 powder is intented to deliver to Slovakia for our old customer and friend. Two orders show that our products are ensured and services are recognized.

With the mild saline taste, just come here and do your best choice.

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