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Zinc Supplement, Zinc Lactate?

Zn is short for Zinc, which is very much what people have been inhabiting. Excessive zinc or insufficient zinc can be harmful to the human body. In daily life, zinc deficiency is common. Solving the problem, Honghui Biotechnology supplies zinc lactate to strengthen zinc in body.

There are two ways to enhance zinc: one is by foods, the other one is by zinc supplement tablet. Zinc-rich foods include pork liver, milk products, eggs, bean products, malt, etc. What directly eating these foods will be helpful to intake zinc. Individual food won’t supply enough zinc and people can‘t eat all of them. Therefore, natural food additive zinc lactate is vital and indispensable. At different ages, zinc needs are various. Larger age, more zinc. Maybe it is specific zinc dosage for pregnant women.

People pay more attention to the zinc supplement. Zinc deficiency will lead to serious disease, like poor memory, anemia, anorexia, etc, which are showed from infants, old people and other sicken people. If the disease is longer, the human body will be influenced or destroyed.

Even though zinc deficiency is often, zinc lactate dosage is important to notice. Excessive zinc will make people vomit, fever, or cause severe cardiovascular disease. Suggested dosage from Honghui Biotechnology as below:

1)Medicines: 600-1000 mg/kg
2)Grains: 90-150 mg/kg
3)Milk products: 130-250 mg/kg
4)Beverages: 20-30 mg/kg
5)Infant foods: 100-250 mg/kg

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