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Shipment for Lactic Acid Powder 60% of 1500 KG

Domestic purchaser brought lactic acid powder 60% of 1500 kg from Henan Honghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd on Dec.7, 2018. And factory arranged the shipment on the 8th Morning. On the beginning of December, the customer checked our reports related to the product. Passing the test, we both company established the friendly cooperative relations.


Being one of the featured products, lactic acid powder 60% is more and more popular with the food Industry in abroad and home. The lactate powder, as acidity regulator and flavor enhancer, is applied in various fields like candies, flour, veterinary drug and others. Our factory strictly create lactic acid powder according to FCC, and guarantee that we will give our customers best quality and service. Lactic acid powder is also known as blend acidity regulator, white powder with 25 kg per bag, is stored in cool, dry and ventilated place. For some customers bought before need take notice of it, and for some others, who are interested in our products, can consult it by phone or email. Waiting for your coming! 

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