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Blend Food Additive (One)

Blend food additive is a mixture, including two or more food ingredients. According to the <General Rules of Blend Food Additive> (National Standard of Food Safety), issued by the Minister of Health on July 6, 2011, blend food additive is made to improve food quality and convenient for food process. Blend food additive is made, in a physical way, by mixed two or more food additives together (Whether adding supplementary ingredients or not is according to the needs).

Blend Series
Blend food additive is including kinds as below: blend nutrition enhancer, blend preservatives, blend antioxidant, blend perfume, blend thickener, blend gelling agent, blend emulsifier, blend sweetener, blend acidity regulator, blend leavening agent, blend coagulator, blend quality improvement agent, blend color-protecting agent, blend defoamer, etc.

Basic Principle of Blend Food Additive
We should abide the basic principle when using blend food additives. Each food additive which is used to make blend additives must meet with the regulation of GB2760-2011 and the Minister of Health, and is of common application. The factory should reduce the adding weight once they have got an anticipated result . There is a ban to produce with chemical action and develop new chemical material, so that blend food additive is not harmful to human health. In order to ensure the safety of blend food additives, the content of heavy metals should be limited with specific requirement, as arsenic or lead content is not more than 2.0mg/kg.

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