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Calcium Lactate in Bread

Calcium lactate which can be applied in foods of bread, Mantou, dumplings and noodles, is considerded to be unique and important for flour products.

During the whisking process of special purpose flour of bread and steamed bread, calcium lactate can be used to enhance crumpling resistance of dough. When dough is in its formentation, calcium lactate powder can improve tolerability. Bread can be formed with great success. And inner structure and character of flour products can be improved with good taste and being chewy.

As an ameliorant, the lactete calcium has reverse osmosis. More suger will reduce the suction force so that wheat gluten is hard to form. Long self life can be increased.

The high osmotic pressure of sugar can inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. In addition, the high sugar content of the product in the oxygen can decrease solubility significantly, with a certain anti-oil oxidation rancid role.

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