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The 18th annual China international exhibition on food additives and ingredients

On March 25 -27 2014, Henan Honghui Biotechnology Company Limited. took part in the 18th annual China international food additives and ingredients exhibition which located in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall . The booth number is: 2J13. As an experienced professional manufacturer of lactic acid and its derivatives in China, we exhibited the main products including lactic acid powder, calcium lactate, sodium lactate, lactic acid, calcium lactate gluconate, ferrous lactate acid, magnesium lactate , zinc lactate etc such as lactic acid salts of high-end powder products. Not only got the acceptance from a number of well-known domestic food processing enterprises, but also different foreign food processing enterprises and purchasers, including Taiwan, Singapore, Brazil, Japan, the United States, Thailand and other foreign customer's favor and recognition. We discussed every products widely and exchanged minds about its property and application in the exhibition. We hope to expand the overseas market, in the meanwhile, laid the foundation for the enterprise product research and development, application to the next step.
Through this exhibition, our company had an abundant harvest, we will continue our efforts, help more and more customers know the products and services for further information in Henan Honghui Biotechnology Company Limited.

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