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The 16th Asian food ingredients exhibition and the 16th healthy raw materials, natural ingredients exhibition in China

 On June 26- 28,2014, Henan Honghui Biotechnology Company Limited took part in the the 16th Asian food ingredients exhibition in China and the 16th healthy raw materials, natural ingredients exhibition in China  which located in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The booth number is E6D19. We exhibited the main products including sodium lactate powder, potassium lactate powder, calcium lactate, calcium lactate gluconate, magnesium lactate, zinc lactate, ferrous lactate acid and a variety of different proportions which compound according to customer's request, and got other foreign customer's favor and recognition such as Germany, Belgium, Russia, Singapore, Brazil, Japan, Europe and the United States etc.              
In this exhibition, the main purpose of our company is broadening the vision, opening the mind, learning advanced technology, exchange and cooperation, take full advantage of this chance communicating with the visting customers to further enhance the popularity and influence of lactic acid products, we also known more about the characteristic of  products in other advanced enterprise, in order to improve the products better, give full play to superiority of ourselves.

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