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IFT EXPO Chicago

 July 12~14 2015, Henan Honghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. attended Chicago's McCormick Place IFT EXPO. The products exhibited including sodium lactate powder, potassium lactate powder, calcium lactate, lactic acid powder, calcium lactate gluconate, magnesium lactate, zinc lactate, ferrous lactate and blending products of various different products according to customer required proportion. The products attracted the interests and obtained the recognition of customers from different countries and regions including Germany, Belgium, Russia, Singapore, Brazil, Japan, Europe.

By attending the exhibition, our company take the main purpose of broaden visions, encourage thinking, learning advancement, exchanges and cooperation, make full use of opportunities in this exhibition to exchange, communicate and discuss business with customers and dealers. It also further enhanced the branding awareness and influence of Honghui brand lactic acid salts, and let us learn more about advanced enterprise product characteristics in same industry to improve ourselves product structure and bring into full play of ourselves advantages.

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