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Meeting Together | Canton Fair on June 15-24

Hour hand and minute hand, ticking unknowingly, bring us the Grain in Ear. Mangzhong is a season of harvesting and cultivating. Smile golden wheat welcome the farmers. The Grain in Ear is the demarcation point between harvesting and farming. It is the end of the previous quarter and the starting of the next quarter. For Honghui Biotechnology, the Canton Fair that comes in the middle and late June is our demarcation point.

Due to COVID-19, scheduled Canton Fair cannot be held normally in Guangzhou. Therefore, the government and relevant personnel have changed the offline Canton Fair to an online model, with advancing with the times and promoting the sound development of economy and trade. The online Canton Fair period is from June 15 to June 24, which lasts for ten days. Honghui Biotechnology will show the lactates in detail in Exhibitor Centre. The introduction and application of products will be presented to everyone at the moment. Welcome to us and watch.

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Hope that you can get your seed and then harvest in few months. We, Henan Honghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. are waiting for you and not leaving without seeing you.

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