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Fruit Juice and Calcium Lactate

Fruit drink is loved by people, meanwhile it brings few sadness. But why?

Studies have shown that fruits and vegetables have become the most anticipated products for health, accounting for 51%. And beverages account for 27%, including fruit juice. Obviously, people's health concept is getting stronger, looking forward to natural organic, health food with fewer artificial additives. In order to comply with this trend, beverage suppliers tend to look for natural food additives with multi-effect functions, which not only ensure the health of juices, but also have a better taste. Calcium lactate, as an acidity regulator, emulsifier, curing agent, thickener and calcium ion supplement, is the perfect choice for beverage manufacturers.

Calcium lactate is widely used in foods and drinks, the most prominent reason is for calcium supplementation. Everyone knows that calcium is very important for human growth. If calcium is insufficient, it will cause various symptoms, and even serious diseases. For example, fractures and osteoporosis in children and the elderly, slow growth of adolescents, muscle spasms, heart problems such as blood pressure and heart rate in middle-aged people.

If you want calcium supplementation, you must understand the cause of calcium deficiency. 99% of the calcium is in bones and teeth of the human body. Usually, the calcium source in the human body will slowly be lost as people age, which requires calcium supplement. Daily intake of large amounts of protein and sodium salts will also affect calcium absorption. Some people like to eat phytic acid and oxalic acid foods, which will also have an adverse effect on the absorption of calcium sources. On one hand, calcium is gradually lost from the human body; on the other hand, supplemental calcium is not absorbed, both will hinder the intake of calcium sources. So people need to enhance through daily calcium-rich foods, with the help of natural food additives, to enhance the calcium ions in the human body.

Therefore, juice drink manufacturers choose to add calcium lactate to their drinks, which is also based on certain reasons. Studies have shown that men more than 1 year age should have a calcium intake of 748-968 grams, and women should reach 871-1266 grams. Daily foods have sufficient calcium sources: green leafy vegetables, black beans, okra, dairy products, etc. However, the calcium content of these foods is limited, and you can‘t eat all foods at the same time, so you can add calcium salts to essential drinks to strengthen the calcium in the body.

The dosage of calcium lactate used in fruit juice is 0.3%-0.4%.

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