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Clean Label

The trend shows the increasing attention for health. Food safety is significantly vital in modern life. Consumers will carefully read the ingredients on the packaging bag when shopping in the supermarket. In this way, they decide if the ingredients meet the safety requirements. E number is used by European Union to classify food additives, which is convenient for consumers to identify different additives in foods. Due to the health needs from people, clean label, as the highest goal of government and suppliers, is used to research and develop products. The less E number, the better goods. Many consumers trend to buy clean label foods.


Clean label means that the ingredients are natural and healthy. Not only for raw materials, but also the processing foods. Food suppliers try to use less additives. Continuously researching and developing products, positive alternatives (replacing some additives forbidden by government) as food additives are produced to enhance the taste and texture of foods. In order to implementing clean label, Honghui Biotechnology proposes following solutions:

Solution 1: Lactic Acid Powder & Cookies
Replacing the disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate, lactic acid powder as starter culture is added in cookies to control the fermentation time and reduce the damage rate of products. With pH controlling, cookie gap will be loosely and orderly with texture uniformity. As one of the featured products of Honghui Biotechnology, lactic acid powder helps to extend the shelf-life of foods. For frozen and roast cookies, the product is applied to improve the chocolate flavor, which tasting crumbly.

Solution 2: Calcium Lactate And Dairy Milk Beverage
Compared to the inorganic calcium salts of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and calcium chloride, calcium lactate as organic salt meets the need of supplies of diary products with all the kinds of advantages in one. Even though the three kinds of inorganic calcium salts can be used to supply calcium, disadvantages of them will influence the taste of final foods. With the poor solubility for calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate, stabilizer is needed which makes the taste bitter. The solubility of calcium chloride is better, but its bitter taste is limited to apply. Calcium lactate is a neutral and mild taste, which will not affect the initial flavor of foods. Better solubility, high bioavailability and rich calcium content can be achieved.

Solution 3: Sodium Lactate And Milk Tea
In order to improve the flavor and taste of milk tea, producers will choose the hydrogenated vegetable oils, dipotassium hydrogenphosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate, silicon dioxide and D-Isoascorbic acid. All of above food additive are used in milk tea to achieve the objectives, with advantages and disadvantages. This costs a lot. Sodium lactate, produced by Honghui Biotechnology, can be used to improve taste and save cost as emulsifier, acidity regulator, humectant, anti-caking and antioxidant. Both liquid and powder of sodium lactate, will be better applied in the beverages. Lactic acid powder can be also used to adjust the pH as acidity regulator. With neutralization, lactic acid salts will enhance food taste and extend its self-life.

Clean label is an inevitable trend for foods in the whole world. If suppliers want to grab the market, they must stand on the point of consumers and supply healthy foods and solutions.

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