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Combination of Buffered Lactic Acid and Candies

Honghui Biotechnology is focusing on researching and developing the lactate series products for more than twenty years. Buffered lactic acid is an important branch in factory because it is closely related to people’s lives. Especially in candy industry, the role that buffered lactic acid plays is ranking first. Combination of buffered lactic acid and candies, which has improved the sourness taste and beautified the texture of candies. Significantly, buffered lactic acid will lower the sugar inversion and make the candy best. The product can be used in gummy candies, hard-boiled candies, marshmallows and the like.

Buffered Lactic Acid · Hard-boiled Candies
Hard-boiled candies, which is of different shape, are familiar and popular with people. With various tastes, there are fruit candies, mint candies, chocolate candies, etc. People will take more attention on taste when they choose and buy the candies. Moreover, people also notice the appearance of candies. The taste and texture are also the source of innovation and development for candy manufacturers. The manufacturers use some food additives to achieve and support the candies’ needs.

In order to control the taste of hard-boiled candies, manufacturers will choose appropriate acid to adjust and enhance the sensory taste according to the properties of different acids. Being wild, lactate series products will protect the taste of candy itself and the whole effect of the finished candies. Buffered lactic acid is widely applied in candies, which is a wonderful success. Buffered lactic acid is a mixture of lactic acid liquid 60% and sodium lactate liquid 20%. With the lactic acid acidity and buffering effect of sodium lactate, buffered lactic acid is considered to be significant to adjust pH and texture of candies.

For various hard-boiled candies, lower sugar inversion and sustainable and stable sourness can be obtained when added into buffered lactic acid. Usually, low pH will promote the inversion and damage the texture of candies. Neutral pH from sodium lactate will solve the inversion issue with its buffering effect, therefore, prolong the self-life of candies. It is the better innovation and experience for hard candy industry with combination of buffered lactic acid and candies.

Buffered Lactic Acid · Soft Candies
Compared to hard candies, the gummy candies have gradually embarked on its stage. They are specially loved by children and teenagers, some soft candies like sugar-sanded soft candies, moon-shape candies. The research shows that sourness in candy will boost the sugar inversion and also destroy the gelatin when the pH is below 4. Enterprise cost will be increased form this way. Sodium lactate liquid shows pH 7. Added buffered lactic acid into candies, it not only maintains the stable sourness, but also achieves firm gel.



It can be ensured that buffered lactic acid is applied to adjust the sourness and texture of candies. Candy manufacturers can add the buffered lactic acid at different process with the actual condition. The dosage will be suggested at the range of 0.1 percent to 2 percent. It will get better effect when you add buffered lactic acid firstly at the initial process, and then the other food additives. Furthermore, lactic acid powder from Honghui Biotechnology will enhance sourness stability and get the harmonious taste on the whole. Calcium lactate, magnesium lactate, ferrous lactate, zinc lactate, etc. as functional food additives will solve the solubility question that troubling the candy factory.

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