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Ferrous Lactate Used for Bread | Nutritious and Healthy

Ferrous ion is popular with people, and especially it is familiar with industries. In term of foods, people need this ferrous iron to supply energy within body, like something about eating or drinking...Of course, there are many products related to iron ions, such as ferrous lactate, ferrous gluconate, ferrous citrate, polymerized ferrous sulfate, iron phosphate and the like.

We Honghui Biotechnology is specialized in researching and developing the lactate series products among the products related to irons. In it, ferrous lactate is one of featured item during our developing in factory. Ferrous lactate, which is trihydrate, is widely acceptable and applied by domestic and foreign customers.

In Codex Alimentarius of food additive, ferrous lactate is designated as colour fixative to be used in various foods, like vinegar, oil, salt water or soy sauce vegetables in daily life (including mushrooms, edible fungi, roots, beans and aloe) and seaweed.

What we are discussing today is about the relations between ferrous lactate and breads. Ferrous lactate, one of lactate series products, can protect the bread’s colour as colour fixative, meanwhile, it can be used to maintain the original colour and texture of breads. Bread is a kind of a necessary food among daily life, whatever breakfast or supper or midnight snack, it is the perfect choose.

Bread is small and easy to take. However, bread can’t be kept for a long time. In order to protect bread itself, lots of bread factories will choose suitable food additives to use during their bread producing.

Ferrous lactate effectively can be used to prolong the self-life for foods, definitely for breads. Furthermore, ferrous lactate can beautify the bread’s appearance and colour, improve the taste and supply the iron ion needed within human body.

The adding value of ferrous lactate is as below for a reference: 3.0-3.7 mg for 100g product, in other words, it is 0.3%-0.75%. If you want to learn more about the using method, please feel free to contact us at any time.  

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