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Solving the Taste Inside a Cookie Through Calcium Lactate


Calcium lactate, which is the featured one of lactate series products, is widely applied both at home and abroad. Compared with calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate, the solubility and absorptivity of calcium lactate are better. Therefore, the application effect which is used in foods or pharmaceuticals has been recognized by business man or factory in the industry.

Cookie is necessary in daily foods. People will bring cookies when they are traveling. Cookies are small and convenient to taking and they will supply timely energy during the trip. In routine life, various biscuits for kids, Oreo and others are manufactured to meet with the needs of older people, adults or kids with different taste. Its delicious taste shows its preference by people. Nevertheless, cookie factory produces the cookie with the functions with food additive, not only the cookie materials itself. Calcium lactate is one of the food additives.

As nutrition enhancer, calcium lactate will increase the calcium irons in cookies and reduce the materials of acrylamide, therefore improve the arriving time, peak time, stability and volume. Acrylamide will cause cancer and neurotoxicity so it is harmful to human health. Calcium lactate can solve the problem and reduce the acrylamide in foods. Word of advice, adding value can be suggested as following data: 200mg calcium lactate is used in 100g foods. In other words, 0.2% calcium lactate can be used in foods.


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