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Peru Customer Factory-Visiting for Sodium Lactate Blending

Our customer visited our factory for blending products. Sodium lactate and sodium acetate blend is popular with foreign clients. 

Nowdays, people greatly attaches high importance on the health and flavor of food, expecially meat.
Our company develped state-of-the-art blend products to meet the market need. Sodium lactate and sodium acetate blend is one of products to improve the meat's features.


1) Shelf-life Extension
The main challenges for fine emulsified cooked products, like frankfurters, wieners, hot-dogs or mortadellas, and for injected/tumbled cured meat products, like luncheon hams, is to ensure a good microbiology protection during the required shelf-life, as well as to gurantee the optimal texture. HonghuiBio offers an array of blend products. Sodium lactate & sodium acetate blend is effective powder solution in HonghuiBio's range for these applications. It can bring a strong shelf-life improvement of the finished meat products. It is also the ideal solution when producers need an anti-oxidant action to maintain the right colour during shelf-life. 

2) Safety 
Meat producers face high safety expectations. This blend product is a very effective powder for the safety of cooked meat. It combines superior performance with a lower dosage and efficiently safeguards against common meat pathogens.

3) Health Improvement
Sodium lactate and sodium acetate blend is particularly efficient in cured cooked meats products. Its low sodium content combined with its high food safety action enables producers to reduce sodium or curing salt without impacting the taste.

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