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Sodium Lactate Powder Extends Bread Self-life

In modern society, people live in a fast way. Bread which is convenient and nutritious is loved by office workers. But bread is of rich nutrition and moisture where microorganism can grow better. In this way, bread will go bad and its self-life reduce, especially in Summer and Autumn only two or three days. Based on this situation, we can add sodium lactate powder to prolong bread self-life. The preservatives inhibit yeast growing, and is harmful to dough fermentation so the bread will be small with bad quality. What’s more, bread core will become hard and inelastic during its storage. Huge economic loss every year, greatly, restrict the development of bread industry. Therefore, the problem of how to extend the bread shelf-life is urgent to solve at present. Sodium lactate powder, produced by Henan Honghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is used to be preservative best.


During Nov. 11-14, our factory has attended Food Exhibition in Suzhou. Over 300 enterprises and members arrived and conversed different applications of food additives. HonghuiBio made bread and tested its quality. We added 0.5% of sodium lactate powder 90% in bread to maintain bread moisture and prolong its self-life. Sodium lactate powder, as natural and effective preservative, can be applied in meat products, bean products, glutinous rice cake and mooncakes except breads.


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