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Lactic Acid Powder 60% | Substitute for Calcium Phosphate

Lactic acid powder 60% is the featured product of Honghui Biotechnology, and can be the substitution for calcium phosphate. It is used in foods as anti-caking agent, acid regulator, nutrition enrichment, stabilizer and moisture-retaining agent. The application of phosphorous salts has been going on for hundreds of years and the phosphate is widely applied in foods. However, with the improvement of national environmental index and the disadvantages of phosphorous salts, phosphate gradually fall into a decline and many alternatives have come out. Calcium phosphate is one of phosphorous salts, which obviously has been affected at the same time. According to the requirements of country, corresponding governments limit the usage of the phosphate.


On one hand, phosphorous salts contain cancerous substance which deteriorates health; On the other hand, phosphate itself is slightly soluble in water. Therefore, abandoned products pollute natural water and deteriorate living environment of human. Calcium phosphate is easily soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, slightly soluble in water, but ethanol and acetone. So this product is harmful for water, and undiluted or large amounts of calcium phosphate isn’t allowed to be exposed to groundwater, waterways and sewage systems. In this way can protect our living environment. Lactate salts are proved to be freely soluble in water and can be used in fullest extent. Lactic acid powder 60% is mixed by lactic acid and calcium lactate, it provides acid taste from lactic acid and rich calcium from calcium lactate. The product is healthy and nutritional for human body.


Lactic acid powder 60% is widely applied in foods (like flour, bread, bakery and pickles) as food additive to regulate pH, improve flavor and extend shelf-life. Lactic acid powder 55% can be used as feed additive to regulate pH of animals to an appropriate level, promote digestion and nutrient absorption of animals, inhibit pathogenic bacteria and therefore prevent diarrhea. Besides, lactic acid powder feed grade can overcome the acid binding effect of feed. Protein and mineral added in the feed neutralize gastric acid and then lead to pH disorder. Some breeders use calcium carbonate or calcium phosphate to enrich calcium ion, but these products will increase the acid binding effect of feed. For feed manufacturer or farmers, lactic acid powder 55% feed grade is used to enhance feed quality, and effectively reduce the acid binding effect to avoid the pH disorder of digestive tract of livestock.


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