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Milk Tea Beverages · Mystery in Taste

Happy things always happen in life. Across the street corner, you will stop at a tea shop and open the door, with the charming aroma, and then hold out a cup of hot milk tea. This is popular to see everywhere, not just coffee. Immersing yourself in the tea shop sometimes, the whole body can be relaxed with the music.

Normally, many people choose to drink milk tea because its good taste. Manufacturers as food additive researched and developed better ways to rich and improve the flavor and taste of milk tea. Following food additives are normally used:

1) Emulsifier. It can avoid layer between oil and water. Many manufacturers add hydrogenated vegetable oils. Meantime, the emulsifier will convert to trans fatty acids and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, which extremely harmful to the body.
2) Acidity Regulator. Normally manufacturers will choose dipotassium hydrogenphosphate or sodium citrate and appropriately add into milk tea. Too much is not good for health.
3) Humectant. Sodium hexametaphosphate is applied in milk tea powder to maintain moisture. However, if you do not pay attention to the dosage, it will cause chronic poisoning and osteopenia, reduce the calcium in bones and lead to osteoporosis.
4) Anti-caking agent. Obviously, silicon dioxide is remarkable to avoid caking.
5) Antioxidants. D-Isoascorbic acid is used in milk tea to maintain the good flavor. Too much will cause headaches and dizziness, blood cells to lyse and increase the risk of kidney stones.

All of above food additive are used in milk tea to achieve the objectives, with advantages and disadvantages. This costs a lot. Sodium lactate, produced by Honghui Biotechnology, can be used to improve taste and save cost as emulsifier, acidity regulator, humectant, anti-caking and antioxidant. Both liquid and powder of sodium lactate, will be better applied in the beverages. Lactic acid powder can be also used to adjust the pH as acidity regulator. With neutralization, lactic acid salts will enhance food taste and extend its self-life.

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