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The Best Choice for Diary Milk to Supply Calcium / Calcium Lactate

Calcium supplementation is the most widely publicized among the middle-aged and old-aged diary products. Calcium lactate as food additive is best to be used in diary milk or beverages. Advantages as following: it is a neutral and mild taste, which will not affect the initial flavor of foods. Better solubility, high bioavailability and rich calcium content can be achieved.

Compared to the inorganic calcium salts of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and calcium chloride, calcium lactate as organic salt meets the need of supplies of diary products with all the kinds of advantages in one. Even though the three kinds of inorganic calcium salts can be used to supply calcium, disadvantages of them will influence the taste of final foods. With the poor solubility for calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate, stabilizer is needed which makes the taste bitter. The solubility of calcium chloride is better, but its bitter taste is limited to apply.

- Sufficient Supply of Daily Calcium
Milk is the main source of calcium supplementation when young children are growing up. Human need enough calcium to keep the body growing healthily and normally. Daily foods will not give enough calcium, extra calcium will be achieved by other diary products. Although calcium lactate is very soluble, interactions with protein, which maybe occur the heat treatment and pH variations. For this reason, the pH adjuster of potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide can be added to maintain the pH at its initial value.

- Rising Trend for healthy Diary Beverages
With the improving level of daily life, many consumers trend to buy foods and beverages that is good for bones and joints. Interactions with pectin, vitamin C or citric, there will be insoluble complexes when calcium lactate is used in dairy beverages. For this phenomenon, it can be avoiding by replacing the suitable malic or lactic acid.

- The functions of calcium lactate
Strengthen the bone and teeth
Regulate heart rate and control blood pressure
Natural source of calcium
High solubility
Label friendly
Excellent uniformity
High calcium content
Improved flowability
Excellent bioavailability
Storage stability under normal conditions
Neutral taste and odour
No addition of fat and cholesterol


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