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Potassium Lactate, Humectant for Meat

Potassium is vital among metals, and is also indispensable in human body. As one of lactate salts, potassium lactate has liquid form and powder form. The liquid is widely used, but for powder potassium lactate, it is hard to find.

Honghui Biotechnology has filled the gap about potassium Lactate powder both at home and abroad. Technicians researched and tested day by day. Eventually, it is best to show in the market of food additives. Potassium lactate powder, used in meat products, has been sold to foreign countries.

With all the functions of liquid potassium lactate, the powder is easily applied in dry powder. As humectant, it is same as sodium lactate to make meat maintain moisture. In modern life, less sodium and food safety are important for people. Potassium is best choice to replace sodium to be used in foods.

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