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Toothpaste, Enamel and Calcium Lactate, What Will Happen?

Calcium lactate powder is applied in toothpaste to protect the mineral substance of enamel, reduce tarter, and make teeth healthy. The usage will best at 5.0-7.0%.

First of all, what is enamel and how does it work?

Covering teeth surface, enamel is protective, its thickness is varying at different parts. Mineral salts content in enamel is higher, their crystals are organized through unique way, which makes enamel the hardest calcium tissue in human body. Enamel is translucent. If it is thin and better transparent, the teeth will be presented in light-yellow or yellow-white. To the contrary, the teeth will be milk white or pearl-gray. Directly, to protect enamel is to protect the teeth.

How do we protect enamel? Firstly, by toothpaste; Secondly, less drinking irritating beverages; Thirdly, by fluoride.

Toothpaste is necessary in daily life, there are many types and functions. Therefore, in order to protect both enamel and teeth, manufacturer in combination with additives suppliers, do their best to research and improve toothpaste. In this way, the teeth will be healthier with long shelf-life.

By researching, 5.0-7.0 percent calcium lactate used in toothpaste works very well. It will enhance the calcium supplement of toothpaste and improve the calcium tissue. The pH of calcium is from 6.0-8.0. The calcium in toothpaste can be used to adjust acidity.

In modern life, people like to drink cola or alcohol beverages. For a long term, the lifestyle also damages the enamel and make teeth become yellow. People should eat more calcium-riched foods.

Fluoride is not familiar for people. But it is around us in daily life. You can find and drink in water. Fluoride is effective of anti-caries and is widely applied in toothpaste by suppliers. But more fluoride is harmful for body. Study shows that fluoride will be less absorption when adding calcium salts. This is why suppliers to choose calcium lactate to protect teeth.

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