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"South Africa Customer’s Visiting" New Beautiful Future for Us

The week is going to be finished with busy things. In few days, our customers of South Africa visited Honghui factory and discussed details of lactate series blend products with us. Honghui Biotechnology has the professional technology to produce lactate series products. Talking and communicating with our clients, Honghui Biotechnology can learn the advantages to promote the current products. Face to face, combination between two sides, best product and service can be developed and enhanced to the end user.

There are two forms (powder and liquid) of lactate series blend products manufactured by Honghui Biotechnology. Absolutely, the featured blend powder product is mixed by sodium lactate powder and sodium acetate or sodium diacetate. In this way, it can reduce the sodium and make taste soft as preservative. Besides, except for it, our factory can meet the specific blend needs according to the user’s requirements. We can realize the mixture between our product of sodium lactate powder and others from many other suppliers. For liquid blend lactates, there can be mixed by sodium lactate and sodium acetate or sodium diacetate, potassium lactate and sodium acetate or sodium diacetate, potassium lactate and potassium acetate or potassium diacetate, etc. Different blend solutions can be applied in assorted food industry. The blending product can be added into foods to improve and enhance the taste and flavor, and extend the food’s shelf-life without any influence on the initial taste.


After communicating with our clients, blending lactate products can be used in foods better than the only sodium lactate powder used. It will show the extra advantages and features when many relative products are mixed together. Preservative is best. With our sincerity, we are going to be professional still for the products and their applications, with our customers’ support and cooperation all the time. 


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