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The First Success of Sodium Lactate Powder in Bread

Honghui Biotechnology has purchased the machine for the research and development of lactate series products in bread. With the rapid development of modern society, bread is popular with the people and a lot of people prefer bread as their breakfast and dinner. Therefore, the market brings the suppliers more opportunities as well as challenges. The manufactures is happy for this and put full attention upon the researching and developing of bread. People focus on the bread’s flavor and taste at present with their improving living. Then suppliers attend more about the moisture retainer and softness of bread and friendly cooperate with factory of food additives.

Honghui Biotechnology, as a professional manufacturer of food additive, is specialized to produce lactate series products and has established the R & D department to research the application of each specific food. With testing many times, Honghui Biotechnology indicates that sodium lactate powder food grade that can be a kind of preservative is wonderful for enhancing bread softness and retaining its moisture. Usually, the recommended value of this product applied in bread is about 0.1%-0.2%. You can find contrast between the bread after adding sodium lactate powder and the bread before adding the product as following pictures:


As we can see from pictures, the tissue of bread which was added in sodium lactate powder is more delicate and can be storage for a long time than the other one. This product can be also used in other foods to get the same great effect like bread and you can find the guide as below chart: 

Series Application Advantage Recommended amount(W/W) %
Foods Bread

Moisture retainer; Flavor enhancer; Preservative

Dumplings Moisture retainer; Preservative; Anti-crack 0.2-0.24
Desserts Moisture retainer; Flavor enhancer; Preservative 0.3-0.7
Chinese Bread Moisture retainer; Flavor enhancer; Preservative Use in moderation
Fried Noodles Moisture retainer; Anti-crack; Preservative Use in moderation
Wet Noodles Anti-crack; Flavor enhancer 0.5-2.0
Frozen Noodles Anti-freeze; Moisture retainer; Preservative 1.0-2.0

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